Windows, lights and fog tints


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We are the authorised suppliers and fitters of Johnsons Window Film for Northeast. Making grampians cars more aesthetically pleasing and we offer a national fitting service to the automotive commercial sector.

Window film is a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to the interior surface of glass. It’s used as a “retrofit” for existing glass on automobiles. Tinting is a great idea to add privacy or to help protect from the sun, especially if there are children & pets in the rear of the vehicle.

Window tints

For window tinting, we offer a number of options for the intensity of the tint.

We currently offer 5%, 20% or 50% film, get in touch with us for the prices.

Light tints

We have light tint options available using a solid film which again enhances the look of your vehicle without altering the light projection.

We offer a darker shade for rear lights with a slightly lighter tint for headlights.

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