De-Chrome any parts of your vehicle


What's de-chroming?

At Customised Coatings, we can de-chrome any ‘chrome’ parts of your vehicle using vinyl to give it that stealth look. Now a days, car manufacturers are adding more chrome parts on their vehicles to encourage people to upgrade to ‘black packs’ to get rid of them. Why pay all that extra money when you could just get it de-chromed? 

Why do it?

We can offer partial and full dechroming. If a chrome trim is not your preference then we can apply Vinyl Wrap to the trim to give it a more desirable Gloss Black finish, however, if you wish to have a different colour or finish, this could be achieved.

What can be de-chromed?

This can be applied to wing mirrors, window trims, fog light surrounds, grill surrounds, boot and bumper strips. If there is any other parts you would like done then give us a call and if it can be done, we will give you a quote and get you booked in.

need a part de-chromed?

Speak with us.